Macrame Placemat (2-pack) - Cement

Macrame Placemat (2-pack) - Cement

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FAQ: The main difference between Cement and Oat, is the undertones. Oat has more beige undertones and Cement has more grey undertones

If you love our coasters, you will love these decorative placemats! Approx. 3x the size of our best selling coasters!

Handcrafted with 100% recycled cotton cord purchased locally here in British Columbia! These placemats can be used as decorative pieces for your dining table, coffee table or style them with your favourite planter or vase! The possibilities are endless.

Measurements: ~7.5" (inner diameter), ~10" (full diameter with fringe)


Care instructions

- As soon as you take your placemats out of their packaging, please comb the fringe border gently so they look their best.

- If needed, place a heavy object overtop in order to help the coaster regain its shape (should lay flat).

- Spot clean only. If you need to wash them, gently hand wash and air dry. Once dried, place a heavy object overtop. Please note, this may affect the colour and look of the fringe. 



- Size may vary from placemat to placemat due to handmade production

- Colour may vary slightly from each batch of cotton cord, due to the nature of being recycled cotton

Pilling may occur at the ends of the fringe border, especially after combing. This is due to the nature of the fabric being 100% cotton. If you received a comb, make sure to use the wider-toothed end and gently brush. If piling occurs, simply trim it off or gently pull.